Kimber Warrior Review: Pros and cons of the Warrior

Kimber is a well-known brand in the world of firearms. Among their wide range of products, the Kimber Warrior stands out as a high-end, full-size 1911 pistol designed for tactical use. In this blog, we'll take a closer look at the pros and cons of the Kimber Warrior.


  1. Reliable: The Kimber Warrior is built to be rugged and reliable, and is capable of firing thousands of rounds without a malfunction. Its stainless steel slide and frame ensure durability and longevity, while its fixed night sights provide accurate targeting even in low-light conditions.

  2. Ergonomic design: The Kimber Warrior's ergonomic design is optimized for tactical use, with features like an extended beavertail grip safety, an extended thumb safety, and a checkered frontstrap and mainspring housing that provide a secure grip even in wet or sweaty conditions.

  3. Accurate: The Kimber Warrior's accuracy is impressive, thanks in part to its match-grade barrel and crisp, clean trigger. The barrel is also fitted with a bushing that helps reduce recoil, making it easier to stay on target for follow-up shots.

  4. Customizable: As with most 1911-style pistols, the Kimber Warrior is highly customizable. Owners can swap out parts like the grip panels, trigger, and sights to suit their preferences and needs.


  1. Price: The Kimber Warrior is a high-end firearm, and as such, it comes with a correspondingly high price tag. This may make it less accessible to some shooters who are looking for a more affordable option.

  2. Weight: At just over 40 ounces, the Kimber Warrior is a heavy pistol. This can make it more difficult to carry for extended periods of time, or to maneuver in tight spaces.

  3. Limited capacity: Like most full-size 1911 pistols, the Kimber Warrior has a relatively limited capacity of 7-8 rounds. This may not be ideal for some tactical situations where a higher capacity magazine could be advantageous.

  4. Break-in period: While the Kimber Warrior is known for its reliability, some owners have reported a longer-than-usual break-in period, during which the pistol may experience some failures to feed or eject.

The Kimber Warrior is a high-quality, reliable, and accurate firearm that is designed specifically for tactical use. Its ergonomic design, customizability, and accuracy make it a popular choice among serious shooters. However, its high price tag, heavy weight, limited capacity, and potential break-in period may make it less suitable for some shooters. Ultimately, the Kimber Warrior is a firearm that will appeal most to those who prioritize reliability and accuracy above all else, and who are willing to pay a premium for those qualities.

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Kimber Warrior Review: Pros and cons of the Warrior