FN FNX 9 Compact Review: Pros and cons of the FNX 9 Compact

The FN FNX 9 Compact is a semi-automatic handgun designed and manufactured by Fabrique Nationale (FN). It is a smaller and lighter version of the popular FN FNX 9, making it a popular choice for concealed carry and everyday carry. In this blog, we will discuss the pros and cons of the FN FNX 9 Compact.


  1. Compact Size: The FN FNX 9 Compact is smaller and lighter than its full-sized counterpart, making it easier to conceal and carry for everyday use. Its compact size also makes it more comfortable to handle and shoot for users with smaller hands.

  2. High Capacity: The FN FNX 9 Compact has a high capacity magazine, holding up to 10 rounds of 9mm ammunition. This means that users have a larger number of rounds available to them, which can be especially important in self-defense situations.

  3. Ergonomic Design: The FN FNX 9 Compact has an ergonomic design with a textured grip that provides a comfortable and secure hold, even during extended use. Its ambidextrous controls also make it easy to use for left-handed shooters.

  4. Reliable Performance: The FN FNX 9 Compact is known for its reliable performance and accuracy. Its stainless steel slide and barrel, along with its durable polymer frame, ensure that it can withstand extensive use and maintain its accuracy over time.


  1. Price: The FN FNX 9 Compact is a high-quality handgun, but its price tag is also reflective of this. It may not be the most affordable option for users on a budget, and some may find it difficult to justify the cost for a compact handgun.

  2. Trigger: The trigger on the FN FNX 9 Compact can be heavy and somewhat gritty, which can affect accuracy and precision for some shooters. However, this can be addressed with some trigger upgrades or by simply getting used to the trigger pull with practice.

  3. Recoil: Due to its smaller size, the FN FNX 9 Compact can have a bit more recoil than larger handguns. However, this can also be mitigated with proper grip and technique.

  4. Limited Availability: The FN FNX 9 Compact may not be as widely available as some other handguns on the market, which can make it more difficult to find in certain areas or at certain times.

The FN FNX 9 Compact is a high-quality, reliable handgun that offers many benefits to concealed carry and everyday use. While it may have some drawbacks, such as a higher price tag and heavier trigger, these can be overcome with practice and upgrades. Overall, the FN FNX 9 Compact is a great choice for users who are looking for a reliable, high-capacity handgun in a compact and ergonomic design.

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FN FNX 9 Compact Review: Pros and cons of the FNX 9 Compact