FN FNX 45 Review: Pros and cons of the FNX 45

The FN FNX 45 is a semi-automatic handgun designed and produced by FN Herstal, a Belgium-based firearms manufacturer. It is a full-sized pistol chambered in .45 ACP that was introduced in 2007 as an update to the FN FNP 45. The FNX 45 has been praised for its accuracy, reliability, and versatility, but it also has some drawbacks. In this blog post, we will examine the pros and cons of the FN FNX 45.


  1. Accuracy: The FN FNX 45 has a 5.3-inch barrel and a full-sized grip that provides a comfortable and secure hold. The gun's weight and balance help to reduce recoil, making it easier to stay on target and increasing accuracy. The sights are also adjustable, allowing the shooter to fine-tune their aim.

  2. Reliability: The FNX 45 has been tested and proven to be reliable, even in adverse conditions. The gun's stainless steel slide and barrel, as well as its durable polymer frame, contribute to its overall reliability. It is also easy to field strip and clean, which helps ensure that it functions properly.

  3. Versatility: The FNX 45 is versatile, with features that make it suitable for various purposes. It has a double-action/single-action trigger system, allowing the shooter to choose between a heavy trigger pull for the first shot and a lighter pull for subsequent shots. The gun also has a manual safety and a decocker, giving the shooter the option to carry it either cocked and locked or with a round in the chamber but the hammer down. The FNX 45 also has a Picatinny rail for attaching accessories such as lights or lasers.

  4. Capacity: The FNX 45 has a 15-round magazine capacity, which is higher than many other .45 ACP pistols. This can be an advantage in situations where a large amount of firepower is needed.


  1. Size: The FNX 45 is a full-sized handgun, which can make it difficult to conceal or carry for extended periods. It is also heavier than some other handguns, which can be a drawback for some shooters.

  2. Trigger: While the double-action/single-action trigger system offers versatility, some shooters have criticized the trigger for being heavy and difficult to master. The trigger pull can be up to 8.8 pounds for the first shot and 3.96 pounds for subsequent shots.

  3. Recoil: While the weight and balance of the FNX 45 help to reduce recoil, it is still a factor that can affect accuracy and shooter comfort. The .45 ACP cartridge is also known for having a heavy recoil, which can be a drawback for some shooters.

  4. Price: The FNX 45 is not a budget-friendly handgun. It is priced higher than some other .45 ACP pistols, which can be a disadvantage for those on a tight budget.

The FN FNX 45 is a reliable and versatile handgun that offers high capacity and accuracy. However, its size and weight can be a drawback for some shooters, and the trigger pull can be heavy and difficult to master. Recoil can also be an issue, and the high price tag may be a disadvantage for those on a budget. Overall, the FNX 45 is a quality firearm that can be an excellent choice for those who value reliability and versatility in a handgun.

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FN FNX 45 Review: Pros and cons of the FNX 45