I just received my Southern Trapper holster/belt, what now?

Holsters / Mag Carriers Break-In

Your holster(s) has been handmade to fit your gun, and thus will be a very snug fit at first. Don’t worry! That is how they are intended to fit.

You can break it in gradually by putting your UNLOADED gun in a large ziplock bag, then stuffing the gun / bag in the holster. Let it sit overnight and the leather will start to stretch just a bit. Do this as needed until you reach the desired retention.

Do NOT soak your leather in water, oils, etc… this is not needed and will likely only damage the leather.

Leather Care

Your leather comes sealed in an acrylic finish to resist moisture. There is very little maintenance required. If it does happen to get wet, apply a bit of Olive Oil before the leather dries. Neutral shoe polish can be used to restore the luster and shine of your leather. You can also apply a bit of neutral shoe polish in the belt slots to reduce squeaking. Other than that… just wear it!

Genuine Leather

Please note that leather is a natural product. At some point it was part of a living, breathing animal. Each hide has it own character and uniqueness. This may be evident in scars, range markings, small scratches, wrinkles, or variations of color. That is the great thing about a genuine product! These trademarks are in no way to be considered flaws or defects. Just a reminder that you have a real, genuine, leather product of the highest quality.

Do you make Shoulder holsters, Ankle holsters, Small of Back holsters, etc?

As of right now we are only offering the products seen on the website. We are planning on adding more products in the future, but the development process takes time. If you have a special one-off project, feel free to ask.

Do you make holsters for guns with flashlight rail attachments?

No. There are too many variations of lights, lasers, etc. to keep up with. Multiply those by the number different gun models, and it would be very difficult to have a mold for all the possible combinations. However, if you have a Crimson Trace, Lasermax, etc. mounted to your firearm, and are willing to ship the laser to us… we can normally make a holster for that.

What holsters do you have in stock?

Every holster is custom made to order for you!