Ed Brown ZEV RMR Review: Pros and cons of the ZEV RMR

Ed Brown is a highly respected manufacturer of 1911 pistols, known for their quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail. The Ed Brown ZEV RMR is a collaboration between Ed Brown and ZEV Technologies, designed to combine the best features of both brands into a single, high-performance firearm. In this blog, we'll take a look at the pros and cons of the Ed Brown ZEV RMR.


  1. Quality construction: The Ed Brown ZEV RMR is constructed with the highest quality materials and finishes. It features a stainless steel frame and slide, and is available in a variety of attractive finishes.
  2. Excellent accuracy: The ZEV RMR is designed for exceptional accuracy, with a match-grade barrel and precision slide-to-frame fit. The addition of a Trijicon RMR red dot sight also makes it easier to acquire and stay on target.
  3. Customizable: The ZEV RMR features a number of customizable options, including different slide and frame finishes, grip patterns, and sights. This makes it possible to create a truly unique firearm that meets your individual needs and preferences.
  4. Optics ready: The ZEV RMR is designed to be compatible with the Trijicon RMR red dot sight. This allows for faster and more accurate target acquisition, especially in low-light situations.
  5. Tactical features: The ZEV RMR includes a number of tactical features, such as aggressive slide serrations, a top slide window, and an extended beavertail grip safety. These features make the firearm easier to handle and manipulate, especially in high-stress situations.


  1. Price: The Ed Brown ZEV RMR is a premium firearm, and as such, it comes with a premium price tag. This may put it out of reach for some shooters who are looking for a more affordable option.
  2. Weight: The ZEV RMR is a heavy firearm, weighing in at around 43 ounces. This may make it more difficult to carry for extended periods of time or for shooters who prefer a lighter firearm.
  3. Limited availability: The ZEV RMR is a limited edition firearm, which means that it may be difficult to find and purchase. This may be frustrating for shooters who are interested in the firearm but are unable to locate one for sale.
  4. Limited holster options: Due to its unique design and features, the ZEV RMR may not be compatible with all holsters. This may limit your options when it comes to carrying the firearm for self-defense purposes.
  5. Limited aftermarket support: While the ZEV RMR is a high-quality firearm, it may be more difficult to find aftermarket parts and accessories for it compared to more popular firearms.

The Ed Brown ZEV RMR is an excellent firearm that combines the best features of both Ed Brown and ZEV Technologies. It is a high-performance firearm that is designed for accuracy and tactical use, and it is also customizable to meet the individual needs and preferences of the shooter. However, it does come with a premium price tag and may not be suitable for all shooters due to its weight and limited availability.

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Ed Brown ZEV RMR Review: Pros and cons of the ZEV RMR