Ed Brown ZEV Review: Pros and cons of the ZEV

Ed Brown and ZEV Technologies are two highly respected names in the firearms industry, and their collaboration has produced a truly impressive pistol - the Ed Brown ZEV. This high-end 1911-style pistol boasts top-of-the-line components, expert craftsmanship, and a sleek design. In this blog, we'll take a closer look at the pros and cons of the Ed Brown ZEV.


  1. Expert craftsmanship: The Ed Brown ZEV is built with precision and attention to detail. It is hand-fitted and assembled by skilled gunsmiths, ensuring that each component is carefully installed for maximum performance.

  2. Top-of-the-line components: The Ed Brown ZEV features top-of-the-line components, including a match-grade barrel, a ZEV trigger, a ZEV magwell, and G10 grips. These components contribute to the pistol's exceptional accuracy, reliability, and overall performance.

  3. Sleek design: The Ed Brown ZEV has a sleek, modern design that sets it apart from other 1911-style pistols. The slide features angled cuts and lightening ports, and the grips have a unique, aggressive texture that provides a secure hold.

  4. Customizable: The Ed Brown ZEV is highly customizable, allowing shooters to personalize their pistol to their specific needs and preferences. Optional upgrades include different trigger options, different slide cuts, and different grip styles.

  5. Accuracy: The combination of expert craftsmanship and top-of-the-line components results in exceptional accuracy. The Ed Brown ZEV is capable of producing tight groups at extended ranges, making it a great choice for competition shooting or long-range target practice.


  1. Price: The Ed Brown ZEV is a high-end pistol, and as such, it comes with a high price tag. This may put it out of reach for some shooters who are on a budget.

  2. Weight: The Ed Brown ZEV is a heavy pistol, weighing in at over 40 ounces. This can make it difficult to carry for extended periods or to use for fast, dynamic shooting drills.

  3. Limited availability: The Ed Brown ZEV is a relatively new pistol, and as such, it may not be widely available at all gun shops. This can make it difficult for shooters to see and handle the pistol before making a purchase decision.

  4. Maintenance: The Ed Brown ZEV is a high-performance pistol, and as such, it requires regular maintenance to keep it running at its best. Shooters who are not willing or able to dedicate the time and effort required to maintain this pistol may want to consider a different option.

The Ed Brown ZEV is an exceptional pistol that is built with precision and attention to detail. It features top-of-the-line components, a sleek design, and is highly customizable. However, its high price tag, heavy weight, limited availability, and maintenance requirements may make it less appealing to some shooters. Ultimately, it is up to each individual shooter to decide if the Ed Brown ZEV is the right pistol for them.

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Ed Brown ZEV Review: Pros and cons of the ZEV