Dan Wesson Valor Blue Review: Pros and cons of the Valor Blue

Dan Wesson is a well-known and reputable firearms manufacturer that produces high-quality handguns. The Dan Wesson Valor Blue is one of the most popular models in their lineup, boasting a number of features that make it a great choice for both professionals and gun enthusiasts alike. In this blog post, we will discuss the pros and cons of the Dan Wesson Valor Blue.


  1. Accuracy: The Dan Wesson Valor Blue is an extremely accurate handgun, thanks in large part to its stainless-steel match-grade barrel and bushing. This combination provides a very tight lockup that ensures consistent accuracy shot after shot.

  2. Reliability: The Valor Blue is built to withstand heavy use, and its quality craftsmanship ensures that it will perform flawlessly under pressure. Its full-length guide rod and forged aluminum frame are both designed to provide optimal durability, even in harsh conditions.

  3. Comfort: The Valor Blue features a checkered frontstrap and mainspring housing that make it comfortable and easy to grip, while also providing a secure hold that minimizes slippage.

  4. Aesthetics: The Valor Blue has a sleek, polished blue finish that gives it a classic, elegant look. The combination of the polished slide and matte frame provides a beautiful contrast that is sure to turn heads.


  1. Cost: The Dan Wesson Valor Blue is a premium handgun, and its high-quality components and craftsmanship come at a premium price. This may make it a less accessible option for those on a tight budget.

  2. Weight: The Valor Blue is a relatively heavy handgun, weighing in at around 41 ounces. This weight may be a disadvantage for some users who are looking for a more lightweight option.

  3. Size: The Valor Blue is a full-size handgun, which may make it less practical for concealed carry or everyday use. It may be better suited for range or competition use.

  4. Availability: The Dan Wesson Valor Blue can be difficult to find due to its popularity and limited production. This may make it a challenge to obtain for those who are interested in purchasing one.

Overall, the Dan Wesson Valor Blue is a high-quality handgun that boasts impressive accuracy, reliability, and comfort. Its premium price tag and weight may make it less accessible to some users, but its beauty and durability make it a worthwhile investment for those who can afford it. Its large size may also limit its practicality for everyday use, but it is still an excellent option for range or competition use.

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Dan Wesson Valor Blue Review: Pros and cons of the Valor Blue