Dan Wesson V-Bob Review: Pros and cons of the V-Bob

Dan Wesson V-Bob: A High-End 1911 Pistol with Great Features

Dan Wesson is one of the most respected names in the 1911 pistol market. With over 50 years of experience in making high-quality firearms, the company has become a favorite among gun enthusiasts around the world. One of their best 1911 offerings is the Dan Wesson V-Bob, a premium model that combines the best features of a classic 1911 with modern innovations.


  1. Accuracy: The V-Bob is renowned for its accuracy. The 5-inch match-grade barrel, precision-fit slide, and hand-fitted frame ensure that the gun shoots straight and true. The gun's accuracy is further enhanced by the dovetailed sights, which are easy to adjust for windage and elevation.

  2. Quality construction: The V-Bob is built to the highest standards of quality. The gun is made from high-quality steel and has a forged frame and slide, which give it excellent durability. The gun also features a crisp trigger, which is adjustable for take-up and overtravel.

  3. Ergonomics: The V-Bob is designed to be comfortable and easy to shoot. The front strap and mainspring housing are both checkered, which provides a secure grip, even in wet conditions. The gun's beavertail grip safety ensures that the shooter's hand is protected from the slide, while the extended thumb safety provides an easy-to-use safety option.

  4. Aesthetics: The V-Bob has a beautiful design that is sure to turn heads. The gun features a brushed stainless steel finish, which is both durable and stylish. The gun also has a sleek, modern look that sets it apart from other 1911 pistols.


  1. Price: The V-Bob is an expensive gun. It is priced well above other 1911 models, which makes it a luxury item that may not be affordable for everyone.

  2. Weight: The V-Bob is a heavy gun, weighing in at 38 ounces. While this weight adds to the gun's stability and accuracy, it may be a downside for some shooters who prefer a lighter firearm.

  3. Magazine capacity: The V-Bob has a standard magazine capacity of eight rounds. While this is typical of most 1911 models, it may not be enough for some users who prefer higher-capacity magazines.

The Dan Wesson V-Bob is an exceptional 1911 pistol that is built to the highest standards of quality. It is accurate, durable, and easy to shoot, making it an ideal choice for those who demand the best from their firearms. While it is an expensive gun, the V-Bob's premium features and exceptional construction make it well worth the investment. If you're looking for a high-end 1911 that is both stylish and practical, the Dan Wesson V-Bob is definitely worth considering.

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Dan Wesson V-Bob Review: Pros and cons of the V-Bob