Custom holster - step 4 - DEV

Step 4) Choose how you would like the holster to attach to your belt.

  • Belt Slide - Your belt will be fed through the belt slots. Our belt slots are cut to 1.75", so that they will fit a 1.5" gun belt.
  • Metal Clips - The holster will clip onto your belt with one (or more) reinforced metal clips. Our metal clips are made for 1.5" gun belts and are very durable. The "tooth" on the the clip will secure the belt to the holster and will not damage your belt.
  • Leather Snap - Our leather snaps are made to match the holster and your belt, which naturally camouflages the holster snaps on your belt for ultimate concealment.
  • Paddle - Our plastic paddles are lightweight and comfortable and are made for 1.5" gun belts.

Belt slide vs metal clip holster