When we launched The Southern Trapper, we spent several months trying to find leather that was not only exotic and durable but also 100% sourced from the US. Our search ultimately led us to the North American beaver. Beaver tail leather not only adds substantial characteristic, but also adds strength and durability to the wallet.

All our leather products are crafted from beaver tail, which we source from trappers across the country. The beavers are trapped on private and public lands for environmental reasons, by seasoned professionals who take the utmost care with the animal. Farmers and agriculturalists have found that high concentrations of beaver populations are detrimental, not only to crop production, but also local ecosystems. Our trappers remove the beavers in the most humane way possible, and sell the tanned hides to individuals that fancy the beaver pelts.

A beaver is never killed for its tail specifically. The tails are typically discarded as part of the trapping process. At The Southern Trapper, we make full use of that by-product by incorporating it into our products. Our beaver tail wallets are not only extremely durable, but the characteristics of the leather provided an incredibly unique wallet.