Concealed Carrying with One in the Chamber: Should You Do It?

Should you carry concealed with a hot chamber? There are few debates that have such a visceral response. On one hand, there are those who say that carrying with an empty chamber is pointless. On the other, detractors say that the practice makes your gun more dangerous to yourself than any potential threat. But where does the truth lie? In this post, we’ll look at whether you should carry a concealed gun with one in the chamber, AKA “condition 1”.

Should You Carry a Gun Concealed with One in the Chamber (Condition 1)?

Like many questions in the gun world, it’s hard to say definitively whether you should carry a gun with one in the chamber (condition 1). There are plenty of reasons to do it, although there are a few reasons not to. We’ll cover them below.


When it comes to any self-defense situation, every second counts. What’s more, every step in a process makes it more complicated and adds more potential points for failure. That’s why many people who carry a concealed gun daily will tell you to keep one in the chamber.

A loaded chamber makes every self-defense scenario a “draw, point, and shoot” situation. In a self-defense scenario, you don’t want to have to think. You want to act. What happens if you draw your gun, point it, and pull the trigger only to hear a “click?” Best to avoid that scenario entirely.

There there also may be some situations where you don’t have time to rack your slide. There also may be some situations where you don’t have the physical ability to rack your weapon. For example, what if you’re already locked in hand-to-hand combat with an assailant? You definitely won’t be able to fend them off while also racking your gun.

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There’s one extremely obvious con to carrying with a hot chamber. According to one of the primary rules of gun safety, you never want to be pointing a loaded gun at your body. And for many concealed carry newbies, this is the right move.

However, ask any veteran concealed carry expert, and they’ll all tell you the same thing: they carry their gun in condition one. What this really comes down to is becoming comfortable with a hot chamber. Do that at your own pace – don’t let anyone rush you.

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Choosing the Right Holster to Carry Concealed with One in the Chamber

One of the most important tools to safely carry your gun with one in the chamber is a holster. A proper holster will cover up your gun’s trigger, making accidental discharges extremely difficult (if not impossible). Just make sure you don’t put your finger on the trigger while you’re physically drawing the firearm.

However, to do that you’re going to want to find a holster that fits your gun’s exact shape. That means getting a custom holster that’s tailored to the exact make and model of your gun. That’s where Southern Trapper can help. Our master leather workers have spent years refining their craft to create the perfect concealed carry holsters. Check out our complete selection of holsters to find one that suits your specific firearm.

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