Concealed Carry Tips for Women: Guns, Holsters, and More

It’s no secret that the firearms field is dominated by men. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of American women who want to protect themselves with a concealed weapon. A firearm can be a great equalizer for women, who often don’t have the physical capacity to stand up to a male attacker. In this post, we’ll go over some concealed carry tips for women, including the best handguns, clothes, purses, and holsters for their specific needs.

Concealed Carry Tips for Women

There is no “right” answer when it comes to any of these concealed carry tips for women. Ultimately, you’ll need to consider your individual situation in order to discover the best solutions for you. We’ll help point you in the right direction.

Best Concealed Carry Handguns for Women

When considering the best concealed carry handgun for women, you’re going to want to look at a few different factors. First, recoil. Since many women have smaller frames than men do, they may want to consider weapons with lower recoil. That means looking at guns chambered in 380 ACP or 9 mm.

In addition, you’ll want to look at size. Women often have smaller hands than men do, so you don’t want to get a gun that’s too big or chunky. Stick with compact- or subcompact-sized gunns. This will also help improve concealability.

In terms of specifics, look at these individual guns:

  • SIG P365: One of the best all-around concealed carry handguns for women. Available in 380 ACP or 9 mm.
  • Glock 43: When it comes to reliability, it’s tough to beat a Glock. No matter what, it’ll go bang when you pull the trigger. Chambered in 9 mm with a small, subcompact frame, the Glock 43 is a great choice for a woman seeking a concealed carry gun.
  • Smith & Wesson EZ: These little handguns were designed with ease of use in mind. Chambered in 380 ACP, it also features a smooth slide that’s easy to pull back. Finally, loading this gun is a breeze thanks to its magazine compression button.

Concealed Carry Purses for Women

For men, finding the right concealed carry clothing can be easy. We just have to throw on some jeans, a sturdy leather belt, and a flannel. But for women, it’s never that easy. Like it or not, women tend to wear tighter clothes than men do in Western societies. And that means it’s harder to keep your clothes from “printing,” or showing off that you’re carrying.

One way to get around this is by keeping a concealed carry weapon in your purse. This can be a helpful way to keep your gun low-key. However, it can also make accessing and drawing your gun a little more difficult. Women will want to weigh the pros and cons of concealed carry purses before using them.


Leather Purse Holster

Concealed Carry Holsters for Women

A holster is almost as important for women as their concealed carry gun is. The right holster can totally minimize your chance of getting spotted, improving concealment.

If you’re going to carry in a purse, you’ll want to consider a purse holster. These handy holsters cover your concealed carry weapon’s trigger, making sure it doesn’t get caught on anything and accidentally discharge as you’re walking around during the day. You can learn more about purse holsters here

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