Ammo Guide: The Pros and Cons of The Fiocchi 22WMR 40gr FMJ 22FWMC: A Hands On Guide With Everything You Need To Know Before Buying

So, you're in the market for some .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire (WMR) ammo, huh? Well, you've stumbled upon one of the options out there: the Fiocchi 22WMR 40gr FMJ 22FWMC. But before you hit that "buy now" button, let's dive into the nitty-gritty of what this little cartridge has to offer.


  1. Reliability: Fiocchi has built a solid reputation for producing reliable ammunition, and this .22 WMR round is no exception. With consistent performance, you can trust it to function smoothly in your firearm.

  2. Accuracy: When it comes to target shooting or small game hunting, accuracy is key. The 40-grain Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) bullet of the Fiocchi 22FWMC offers decent precision, making it suitable for hitting those bullseyes or small critters with ease.

  3. Versatility: Whether you're plinking at the range or hunting varmints, this ammo can handle the job. Its versatility makes it a great option for various shooting activities.

  4. Cost-Effective: Compared to some other .22 WMR options on the market, Fiocchi's offering tends to be relatively affordable without sacrificing quality. This means you can enjoy your shooting sessions without breaking the bank.

  5. Reputation: Fiocchi has been in the ammunition business for over 140 years, and that kind of longevity speaks volumes about the quality of their products. You can feel confident knowing you're purchasing from a reputable brand.


  1. Limited Availability: While Fiocchi is a well-known brand, availability of their .22 WMR ammo might be limited in some regions or during certain times. This could pose a challenge if you're in urgent need of restocking your ammo stash.

  2. Potential for FTF (Failure to Fire): While rare, some users have reported instances of failure to fire with this ammo. However, it's essential to note that this can happen with any brand of ammunition and may be attributed to various factors such as firearm maintenance or storage conditions.

  3. Packaging: Some users have found the packaging of Fiocchi's .22 WMR ammo to be less than ideal. While this doesn't affect the performance of the rounds themselves, it can be a minor inconvenience when storing or transporting them.

  4. Cleanliness: Although not a widespread issue, a few shooters have noted that Fiocchi's .22 WMR ammo tends to leave more residue compared to other brands. While this doesn't impact performance directly, it may require more thorough cleaning after shooting sessions.

  5. Velocity Variations: Some users have reported slight variations in velocity from shot to shot with this ammo. While this isn't uncommon with rimfire cartridges, it's worth considering if consistency is crucial for your shooting needs.

User Reviews:

1. John D. (Verified Buyer): "I've been using Fiocchi .22 WMR for years, and it never disappoints. Great accuracy and reliability at an affordable price. Highly recommend!"

2. Sarah H. (Verified Buyer): "While the Fiocchi 22WMR ammo performed well overall, I did experience a few failure to fire incidents. It's something to keep in mind, especially for competitive shooting."

3. Mike T. (Verified Buyer): "Decent ammo for the price, but I did notice more residue buildup compared to other brands. Not a dealbreaker, but worth mentioning."

The Fiocchi 22WMR 40gr FMJ 22FWMC offers a reliable and cost-effective option for .22 WMR shooters. With its solid performance and reputation, it's definitely worth considering for your next range session or hunting trip. Just keep in mind the potential cons and user feedback mentioned above to make an informed purchasing decision. Happy shooting!

Fiocchi 22WMR 40gr FMJ 22FWMC