Expansion Into New Product Lines

Our purpose has always been to provide expectational crafted leather goods that are built to last generations. I am very excited to announce that we are expanding our product line to include hunting and fishing gear made from canvas and other 'non-leather' materials. As we transition into expanding our product lines to include 'non-leather' goods, our attention to detail and focus on delivery extraordinary products will not change. The only change we are forced to make is our 100-Year Warranty.

Reason For Change - As we expand into offering products made from non-leather, we needed to adopt a warranty that covered our newly designed non-leather collections. To avoid and confusion stemming from our marketing and website content, we have decided to adopt one warranty that covers all of our products, instead of having different warranties for separate products. This decision was largely made by me, as I do not think it would be fair to advertise "100-Year Warranty" all over the internet and potentially 'trick' customers into purchasing a non-leather dog collar under the assumption that it had a 100-year warranty, when in fact it actually has a 5-year warranty.

New 5-Year Warranty - Our 5-Year Warranty applies to products used responsibly and covers issues that arise from failed workmanship and materials. For example, if your wallet's thread comes loose during normal use, you are covered. However, if your dog tares your wallet apart and causes the thread to come loose, you are not covered.