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Buffalo & Springbok Rifle Case

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Leather Rifle Case

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Whether you're heading out in the Sahara to hunt a Sable, or you're sitting with a cold one in a deer stand, our rifle cases will withstand whatever adventure you find yourself on. Made from the highest quality leathers, our rifle cases are designed to last longer than you- think you're tough, think again. 

This rifle case is made from genuine water buffalo and springbok leather and has a soft padded liner, to protect your rifle. Whether your rifle was passed down from your grandfather, or you just picked it up from the local gun shop, our rifle cases will make you feel proud of your firearm. After you're gone, your children will fight over who gets your rifle case. 

Our rifle cases will securely hold rifles up to a 48.5 inch in length and the scoped area is 12 inches wide. 

Leather with “Gentleman-like traits” – Our leather rifle cases are soft & strong, yet quietly ready for anything. We pride ourselves on offering undoubtedly reliable leather rifle cases that are comfortably casual, even while under pressure. The water resistant finish provides protection against rain, sleet, and snow. Our leather cases age with a natural patina and will enhance with wear.  

Wildlife Conservation Program - Our leather rifle cases tell stories of majestic wild animals that were harvested sustainably through national wildlife programs. We’re committed to supporting nonprofit groups that improve wildlife conditions and advocate for nature. At checkout, you’ll choose a conservation group to donate 1% of the order toward - together we’ll make sure our beautiful world continues to flourish for future generations.

Never sacrifice quality and never mass produce - Nothing profoundly satisfying happens overnight, including our leather rifle cases. Our team of master craftsmen delicately handcraft each case entirely by hand. While you may think we’re out fishing, we’re actually meticulously perfecting your rifle case to ensure it provides generational satisfaction. Your grandkids will enjoy it as much as you did. 

Field tested - Field tested by Dads, Cowboys, Professional Athletes, Game Wardens, and by our nation’s war heros, our collections will outlast and outperform all. Like a great hunting dog, our cases are there when you need them. We’ve spent months in development by spending weeks in the duck blind, days in deer stand, and weekends on the river, all to ensure each product will withstand a lifetime of abuse. 

The North Pole is not the only place with a magical workshop - Discover the tale of Southern Trapper and the magical craftsmen behind it.


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