Basketweave leather rifle sling
Brown Leather Rifle Sling
leather rifle sling
Basket stamp leather rifle strap for
Basketweave leather rifle sling for
Basketweave leather rifle sling
Brown Leather Rifle Sling
leather rifle sling
Basket stamp leather rifle strap for
Basketweave leather rifle sling for

The Basketweave Leather Rifle Sling

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Genuine Leather Rifle Sling

This top grade leather rifle sling is made from American cowhide and is embossed with the basketweave pattern and is the ideal leather rifle sling for hunting and shooting at the range. Our leather rifle slings are in stock and will ship within 48 hours with the initials that we will emboss onto the sling, per your request. Choose up to three letters in the order first name, middle name, last name. The ¾ inch Times New Roman letters are embossed above the thumb hole (see photo above). We do not hand paint gold letters and we do not emboss numbers. Express shipping rates are available on checkout page.

This comfortable leather rifle sling is made with a thumb hole to enable you to carry the rifle sling comfortably and confidently. Our leather rifle slings are made entirely by hand in the USA. Each rifle sling comes with 1” wide black steel locking swivels that mount to any swivel stud. Our all-weather rifle slings are built to withstand rain, sleet, and snow.

Whether you carry a rifle for work or in the fields while on a hunt, our rifle slings have your back. Made entirely by hand using the highest quality leather, each sling is unique and no two are alike. If you're hunting down the perfect sling for a gift, or for your trusted long rifle, we've got you covered. We've taken every aspect of our slings into consideration and that's why each sling comes with a thumb hole to securely and comfortably carry your rifle. Our rifle slings are field tested and designed to withstand any condition you'll find yourself in.

Dimensions - Our Slings are fully adjustable from 28" to 34" and are made for a 1" swivel attachment, which is included. Initials are embossed directly above the thumb hole. The correct order of letters is: first initial, middle initial, last initial. We do not monogram.

99.1% Customer Satisfaction

Great Soft Sling
"I've really enjoyed my sling so far. Compared to the other slings I've bought at stores, this sling is much softer and more comfortable. I hated the way nylon slings cut into your neck, or how rough leather slings scratch your skin. This sling is much softer than my previous slings and feels great when you wear it"
-Taylor Of Tampa FL

"Fantastic product as always from southern trapper. Fits my antique lever action perfectly and looks great"
- Andrew of Knoxville, TN

Thumb Hole...

The convenient thumb hole opening makes it easier to carry your firearm under normal and stressful conditions. You’ll be able to safely and comfortably carry your firearm, without having to constantly readjust the firearm on your shoulder, allowing your focus to stay in the hunt.

Leather with “Gentleman-like traits”...

Our leather slings are soft & strong, yet quietly ready for anything. We pride ourselves on offering undoubtedly reliable leather rifle slings that are comfortably casual, even while under pressure. The water resistant finish provides protection against rain, sleet, and snow. Our leather slings age with a natural patina and will enhance with wear.  

Never sacrifice quality and never mass produce...

Nothing profoundly satisfying happens overnight, including our slings. Our team of master craftsmen delicately handcraft each sling entirely by hand. While you may think we’re out fishing, we’re actually meticulously perfecting your sling to ensure it provides generational satisfaction. Your grandkids will enjoy it as much as you did.

Field Tested...

Field tested by Dads, Cowboys, Professional Athletes, Game Wardens, and by our nation’s war hero's, our collections will outlast and outperform all. Like a great hunting dog, our slings are there when you need them. We’ve spent months in development by spending weeks in the duck blind, days in deer stand, and weekends on the river, all to ensure each product will withstand a lifetime of abuse.

The Generational Guarantee - Leave Your Children Something To Fight Over

100-Year Warranty - 

Our philosophy is simple - Exceed our customers expectations no matter the cost. We'll never mass produce, we'll never sacrifice quality, and nothing will ever leave our shop unless we're certain it will last 100 years. Every piece of leather is built with pride and integrity to provide a lifetime of satisfaction. We're so confident in our talented craftsmen, durable materials, and outstanding designs, that we warranty them against workmanship for 100 years. This warranty applies to products used responsibly. Exposure to chemicals like chlorine, detergent, or conditioners that result in a breakdown of the material or damage caused by misuse (dog chewing, water exposure, broken zippers, or road rash, etc.) will void the 100 year warranty. 

If your product does not hold up in the conditions it is supposed to, we'll fix it or replace it. If for some reason we can't fix it, we'll give you store credit. You can contact us by emailing 

To receive our 100-Year Warranty, you must register your product with our Warranty Department within 30 days of receiving it in the mail. Click here to register your product. 

30-Day Money Back Guarantee - 

When you order a product that has NOT been customized with initials, laser/light/red dot sights, or different colors, you'll receive a 30-day money back guarantee. If the item you receive is not what we described it as, please contact us within 30 days and as long the item is in like-new condition, we'll refund or exchange the item for you. Please contact us by email at and attach photos with your order number and describe the situation to us, and we'll get back to you quickly. To fit properly, our products require a break-in period before they will function as intended. Here are instructions on how to break in a leather holster. Items that have been customized or custom made cannot be exchanged, returned, or refunded for store credit. Examples of "customized" orders includes: products that have been customized with initials, embossments, lights, lasers, red dot sights and other available customizations. This guarantee does not cover unintentional customer mistakes, such as choosing the wrong gun, the wrong size or color, or the wrong hand orientation. 

Contact Us - Please either email us or use the contact form below if you have any questions, concerns, or comments. 

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Keith C.
United States United States


When I received my leather basket weave sling I was very impressed by the hand written note ,the felt bag with the sling wrapped inside and the extra gift that was sent from SouthernTrapper. This sling has a100 year warranty and will be installed on my Henry .44 magnum carbine rifle. The color I chose was the dark brown and it just speaks “Traditional” on my rifle. The color match’s very well and the initials were “Free” . Thank you Captain Bligh and God Bless....

Larry A.
United States United States

Rifle sling

These slings are awesome!! Quality, practical, and beautiful

Conner G.
United States United States

It's ok

Finish on the outside is fine. The sling is super thin and the inside is extremely rough and unfinished. Not super happy with it, but I was told that's how all of them are made.


Southern Trapper

Hello Conner, thank you for sharing your feedback. The backside of the leather is intention not "shaved" so that the leather catches onto your clothing while you wear the sling. If the backside was slick, the sling would move around on your shoulder while you used it. Having a "rough" backside helps you maintain control over the sling while using it.

John D.
United States United States


Ordered 3 Basketweave Rifle Slings Embossed on 09/16/2021 at 10:30am they were delivered at 11:55am 09/17/2021!!! UNBELIEVABLE! They were gifts, well received and happy with product. Experience with Southern Trapper was fantastic from first call to receiving items in individual gift bags with note, in less than 26 hours. Thanks

Martin S.
United States United States

Finishing touch

Excellent! Is a perfect accessory to my Henry 45/70 lever action w/ case-hardened receiver. Leather tool work is flawless.