Canvas Shotgun Sleeve
best canvas shotgun sleeve

Canvas Shotgun Sleeve

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Canvas Shotgun Sleeve - Slip - Case Combo

We've engineered this canvas and leather shotgun sleeve to exceed any "Sporting Gent's" expectations. Made entirely by hand with top grain leather and canvas, this hunter green canvas shotgun case is water-resistant and lined with an ultra soft fur-like fabric to securely carry your firearm. 

Canvas Shotgun Sleeve - Canvas Shotgun Case

Canvas shotgun slip case - Canvas hunting shotgun case

The full zipper and quick access scabbard flap function together as a sleeve and case, providing a fast and reliable way to draw your shotgun from a duck blind, pheasant field or pickup truck. 

Canvas & Leather shotgun sleeve

Bring your shells, choke tubes, and tools with you and safely store them in the zippered compartment. The exterior compartment is 9" L x 6" H x 1.75" D. 

 Shotgun Slip with flap and zip

We added the padded dual flaps and buckle tensioner to improve on the traditional English shotgun slip style.

padded shotgun sleeve

padded shotgun slip

For added comfort we padded the shoulder strap and built it to slide naturally along the shoulder harness. Save your strength, carry smart. 

shotgun slip with blocked muzzle end

Mistakes happen, that's why we blocked the muzzle end with a barrel guard. To safely store your firearm, we included a leather loop on the muzzle cap to hang the case vertically with the stock facing towards the ground. 

Canvas shotgun case for hunting - canvas shotgun sleeve for huntingWhether you're heading out on a week-long hunt, or a quick day shooting clays, our shotgun cases have your back. 

Product dimensions -

Exterior - 55" long x 9" base (3.5" tip). 

Interior - 53" long x 8" base (2.5" tip). 

best canvas shotgun sleeve
canvas shotgun sleeve
Canvas Shotgun Sleeve
canvas shotgun case
Canvas shotgun slip
canvas and Leather shotgun slip

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