Captain Bligh's Private Stock of Smuggled Coffee Beans

Captain Bligh's Private Stock of Smuggled Coffee Beans

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When Captain Bligh is not hard at work in our workshop, you can find him sailing his tall ship through the Caribbean, chasing the Trade Winds in search for two of his favorite indulgences, fine dark coffee and rum. At last, after several years of endless searching, Bligh has returned to the Port of Charleston with a full bounty of single origin dark roasted coffee beans. He smuggled just enough rich coffee beans to share with his loyal crew and a select few patrons he chooses to do business with. As for the rum, we consumed it all over dark and stormy nights. This limited edition coffee roast won't last long, as it fuels our army of craftsmen everyday. To show good faith, Bligh is giving away a quarter pound of his private stock with every order over $100, this month only. Known to cure the darkest of hangovers, you can also purchase his coffee beans by the pound. 

Captain Bligh's tall tale of smuggling coffee across the seas is a good one, join us each morning as we rise from our cabins and set sail aboard The Southern Trapper. 

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