Exotic leather gun grip for
Blue stingray gun grips for
Blue stingray gun grips for

Baby Blue Stingray Gun Grip

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Genuine Stingray Gun Grips

Our genuine stingray gun grips are made from genuine stingray leather. The exotic leather gun grips are incredibly unique and very durable. Interesting fact, these stingray gun grips are naturally fire resistant, and Poseidon designed to withstand anything mother nature throws your way. Each stingray gun grip is entirely made to order and are available in standard and magwell styles, for several firearms including Government, Commander, and Officer frames.

After you place your order, a friendly trapper will contact you to confirm your firearm's make & model, to ensure that we make it right the first time. You can call your order in over the phone by calling 843-501-2771.

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Blue stingray gun grips for