leather holsters
leather holsters

99.59% Customer Satisfaction

"My experience with Southern Trapper has been excellent, both in regards to customer service and the craftsmanship that was put into my holster. I comfortably wear my holster and the custom belt to match daily. These quality products truly are heirlooms that will be past down to my boys someday. Thank you Southern Trapper." -Don of Fort Collins, CO

"Absolutely perfect! The quality is unmatched. This is the only holster I will use for my hand guns. If you spend good money on a nice firearm why not buy the appropriate holster to protect it?" -Jack of Coolidge, GA

“Good quality. Fits close to the body to where there is no printing of my gun. The gun fits into the holster great, fits like a glove. No adjustments needed. My gun does not shift during wear like most holsters. A lot of craftsmanship was put into my holster with quality leather.” -Matt of Andrews, TX

"I received the STI holster and am well pleased. Thank you for the excellent craftsmanship! These are, without a doubt the finest quality holster I have seen, not to mention owned. I would not hesitate to recommend Southern Trapper to anyone in the market for a top grade holster. I’ll be ordering more in the future." -John of Lexington, KY

"Once again ST has not disappointed in producing a finely crafted, well designed holster. Perfect fit to the M&P Shield. The materials used are second to none & have that warmth you’ll never get with a plastic holster. Which is why I own a number of their products. Thanks again Cap’n Bligh!" - Gordon of Aiken, SC

Our Craftsmen Are Standing By

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All of our holsters can be made for firearms with red dot sights and laser/lights. You can select your red dot and laser/light from the dropdown menu on any holster product page. Our leather holsters are designed to outlast and outperform all, and are reserved for a courageous few. Think you're tough? Our leather is guaranteed to outlast you. You won't find a better warranty than our 100-Year Warranty.